If too many commercials around...

Be innovative and forget about usual advertising tools and ordinary appearance! Take the sky into account and the whole environment which is around us! Be the who is noticed from far away and from any angle, because of whom people and cars stop when passing by. Be the one whose message is delivered for sure, whose FLOGOS - thanks to the individual and special characteristics - customers are eager to get to know your business, advertising/promotion spot, your information stand at a trade fair, your company!

8 Reasons to Order


8 Reasons to Order

1/8: Is an attention magnet!

FLOGOS™ creates a stir wherever it goes.
No-one can just walk past these flying foam motifs without pausing to take a closer look.
Stop and stare!

FlyHigh2Sky undertakes that by gathering 5 years of experience in 21 countries, FLOGOS-ensured innovative appearance could be available in Hungary as well. The last 5 years' international experience has showed several ways of usage. Based on retrievable references it can be stated that the FLOGOS creative foam has performed well and has exceeded expectations by occasion of car shows, sport events, festivals, family days, concerts, grand openings, political events, signature collections, proposals, weddings, birthdays, discount offers or ANY such event where the goal is to reach out to crowds quickly and efficiently .

New heights in advertising

Cloud ads such as these appeal to advertisers because they can reach masses of people in ways that other media can’t.

Real estate partners demonstrate flogo clouds. It's truly just a revolutionary way to market.

People ask, "Where are those coming from?" and follow it back to where the actual event is. It's like the bottom of a rainbow.

Yup, that's right! Now you can call for Batman during the day too! Flogo Cloud's are an environmentally safe way to make an impact at your event for miles around.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are Flogo Clouds made out of?

Flogos are synthesized from proprietary surfactant (soap) based foam formulations and lighter than air gases such as helium.

Will they travel over my target?

Our certified Flogo technician will place the Flogo generator in the optimum location based on the direction of the current wind flow. The wind current can change at higher altitudes, but Flogo Clouds are very visible as they take flight to hundreds of feet high and miles of travel before they evaporate.

Can any design be made into a Flogo Cloud?

Some designs will be to complex to fly. There are certain attributes needed in a Flogo design for the cloud to keep it's shape properly in flight. Please speak with your consultant for additional information.

Are they environmentally safe?

Flogos are "Green" and 100% environmentally safe.

How complex of a logo can be made?

Our designers use software to develop and test custom shapes. The Flogo generators are available in 24-inch and 36-inch standard size versions. The larger the Flogo generator, the more complex the logo can be. There are however limitations to how complex a Flogo design can be.

How long does it take to setup a Flogo Cloud event?

The equipment has been designed for the event industry so they are built in functional road cases. Set up and breakdown are normally performed within 1-2 hour(s) by our technicians.

Can you color Flogo Clouds?

Flogo Clouds are available in cloud white BUT we can add dye to the solution for a varied effect. Please speak with your consultant for additional information.

How Long do they last?

Flogos are designed to last for as long as their visual impact is needed. Specific formulations are available to provide a life expectancy of a few minutes to an hour or so. This also greatly depends on atmospheric conditions such as wind direction and speed.

How long will it take to develop my custom Flogo Cloud?

Our in-house art department will usually develop your custom Flogo Cloud in 5 - 7 days. For events that require a shorter turn around time, additional rush fees will apply, but please note that not all designs can be translated to a Flogo cloud. Please speak with your consultant for additional information.

What are the electrical requirements?

Each of our Flogo Cloud machine requires one separate 20AMP circuit. (Generators can be provided at an additional cost if needed)


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